Advanced Computing, Global Brand &
Experience Design.

While working at a stealth consulting shop in Austin I worked on a number of projects for teams at Dell. With an eye on both software and marketing we created work that impacted large parts of the organization. It was actually quite a bit of fun.

Advanced Computing Group, 2020

The challenge was to create a next generation interface with a visionary design language and advanced computing concepts. We set a timeframe of roughly ten years in the future. The most exciting part is to see how these designs stand up (or don't) over time.

Global Brand Design Group

We worked with the Global Brand Design Group to create work that advanced the Dell Design Studio initiative. I was responsible for defining the user experience by creating high-fidelity wireframes, interaction flows and visual mockups. The project was divided into three stages and focused on selling and creating swapable laptop covers.


A few more things…

In addition I worked on several short projects with the Experience Design Group, here are a few examples of the work we did together.

My Roles Visual & Interaction Design
Other Designers Jeff Mcmillioan (Design Director)

Selected Works

DellVisual & Interaction Design

SpredfastProduct Design

SpeedshareInteraction Design